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Get Reviews in under 30s! So simple just by tapping the phone!

Review Booster Pro

Review Booster Pro is a simple contactless digital solution for all the businesses that care about their online reputation! Your customers just need to tap their phones on the RBP Board and they can leave reviews instantly.

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Revolutionary simple and easy!

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No app instalation needed!

Review Booster Pro works WITHOUT the need to download or install a mobile app. It works with all the mobile phones that support NFC technology!

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The most popular review platforms!

With Review Booster Pro your customers can leave a review on Google, FacebookTripadvisor in under 30s.

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Encouarge your customers!

How many times did you get “We’ll make sure to leave a review” and never got one? Now, you can engage people to leave reviews on the spot in a few seconds!

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Track progress and get feedback!

You can track the progress of every single RBP Board. You’ll have live feedback on how many unique clicks on each review platform you got for each RBP Board.

RBP Board + RBP Page + RBP Admin

How Review Booster Pro Works?

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RBP Board (NFC device)

RBP Board is one of a kind NFC device. Your customers just tap their phones on the RBP Board and the RBP Page pops out. Today, most mobile phones support NFC technology.

There is no need for a mobile app, you just need to tap the phone on the RBP Board.

Simple as that!


RBP Page

RBP Page opens instantly as someone taps their phone on the RBP Board. It is a web page made for getting reviews on Google, Facebook, and Tripadvisor. Your customers just have to choose the platform and they can leave a review instantly. 

It includes:

  1. Logo and Welcome message
  2. Links on review platforms for your business
  3. Ad banner

The RBP Page is fully customizable through the RBP Admin system.

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RBP Control

RBP Control is a cloud-based system made for customizing RBP Page and tracking progress.

Via RBP Control you can:

  1. Add/change your logo and welcome message
  2. Add/change ad banner
  3. Add/change links for each review platform (Google, Facebook & Tripadvisor).

You can also track how many times people clicked on each platform to leave a review. Tracking is available for each RBP Board separately.

Why Review Booster Pro?

Why online reputation matters?

84% of people trust online reviews as much as a personal recommendation!

will spend on average 31% more if a business has excellent reviews
would not engage with business that has rating lower than 3.3
regularly or occasionally read online reviews.
say an online review has convinced them to avoid a business.
get more customers

Attract more customers!

Improve your online reputation

Today, online reputation matters more than ever. Before deciding to use your service or buy your product most of the customers will check your business online. Get instant reviews on Google, Facebook & Tripadvisor and boost your online reputation.

Control & Insights

Easily customize and brand your RBP Page and have full control over your review platforms. Track progress on each RBP Board separately. For example, if you are a restaurant owner each waiter can have their own RBP Board and you can have feedback on the level of service for each one of them.

Ad Banner

You have full control over the ad banner on your RBP Page which can be greatly used for additional benefit for your business.

Be better than competition

By using our smart solution you can leave all of your competition behind! It could significantly improve your online reputation and that can lead to a lot more customers using your service or buying your product.


Don't wait, make a move and order Review Booster Pro before your competition does!


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Frequently Asked Questions

Does Review Booster Pro work on every mobile device?

It works on every mobile device that has support for NFC technology. Currently, that is over 81% active mobile phones and the percentage is growing day by day. Most of the new phones have NFC enabled by default and since a lot of important functions (like payments via mobile phones) depend on NFC in a short period of time most of the devices will support this technology.

What to look out for when using Review Booster Pro?

NFC must be on and the phone unlocked before tapping it on the RBP Board

How long does it take for a customer to leave a review?

It takes no longer than 30 s to leave a review. Of course, it depends on the length of the text customer writes.

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